About “The Chronicles”

In one sentence, “The Chronicles of Eristaus” is an autobiography in progress.

I often encourage people to “Dare To Dream” but as they say, many things are easier said than done. I have purposed that my life will be an example that it pays to dare to dream. I embarked on a journey to follow my heart and pursue my dreams.

I know that there are only two possibilities; I could either succeed or fail and that is okay. What will not be okay is me not trying at all.
The Chronicles are my life-story. This is me daring to dream and I hope you do too.

Here is what you will find on the Chronicles

  1. The Dare To Dream” Diaries A monthly account of journey in daring to dream.
  2. A little bit of my poetry
  3. Lots of inspiration and life tips
  4. Some of my opinions on various issues here and there

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