Meet Eristaus

My name is Onyait Odeke aka “Eristaus”. I am an African/Ugandan, Global Citizen who believes he can change the world. When asked how I plans on doing that, I always have a brilliant answer which most times is “I don’t know…!”

I am a law graduate, professional documentary and concept photographer, entrepreneur and professional marketer (CIM)

I have a heart for social transformation which has seen me initiate and pursue multiple projects and causes like Save a Buddy, Azania, and T.R.U.T.H Debate among others. These projects have since impacted thousands of people and continue to do so.

“In my free time I love to read and write poetry, watch films, and listen to music. I play the guitar and write songs and I love to travel too”

You can email me at or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN
You can also check out my Start-up Dignited or my some of my Photography

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