How Blogging can help tackle Information Poverty in Africa (My talk at the 2016 CMS Africa)

Blogging is something I am passionate about especially because it liberalised content creation. I no longer need to write to the editor of national daily to get my voice heard on any issue.

In the information age, our lives revolve around information. Imagine if Wikipedia and Google closed. Imagine if Quora was no more, Imagine if all those YouTube Videos that teach about almost anything were no longer existent.

If people didn’t spend time to create this content and avail it for free to the entire world, some of us would still be stuck trying to learn so much. I have literally gone to school on the internet.

In the 2016 CMS Africa Summit that happened in Uganda, I was honored to present on the subject on the issue of information poverty and how blogging can tackle it. I presented about how Africa is more on the consumer side of equation when it comes to content/information yet we are also supposed to be churning out as much information about Africa as there’s to know.

When you google certain things about Uganda or Africa like how to prepare pancakes or matooke, chances are you will get an American blog writing about it that a Ugandan. We have literally lost generations of information that hasn’t been written and passed on. If we do not learn to create and share information as Africa, we shall always be one step behind in the information age.

Here are the presentation slides for those who are interested.

Image: Sacred Dirt


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