A Lesson in FEAR and FAITH


One afternoon in the village, a few people were seated outside a hut under the tree, enjoying the afternoon breeze after a heavy meal. They had baby of about 10 months sleeping inside the hut.

While they were still resting, they saw an adult python entering the hut in which the baby was sleeping. The python went on and coiled under one of the chairs.They were alarmed and frightened. They started telling each other. “You go into the hut and pick the baby” but none could gather the courage after having seen the python. They feared that the python would attack them and possibly kill them.

As others ran to call for help from the neighbors, a colleague arrived and greeted them. They quickly got an idea. Without telling their colleague about the situation, they casually asked her to help them pick the baby in the house since it had over slept and they suspected it might have woken up. The colleague ignorantly went into the hut, straight to the bed and picked the baby and came right out. “She had indeed woken up she was playing alone the bed” she said.

After they had gotten the child out of the hut, they showed their colleague the python in the house. In shock, she exclaimed and ran away surprised that her friends were willing to sacrifice her.
What does this teach us about FEAR and FAITH?

Image: RyanMaciniak


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