Yesterday we talked about how Women define a Man in Uganda. Today we thought it fair to in the same light analyze how Men define a Woman in Uganda. What is interesting to note is that Men don’t define Women exactly by what they see on TV. Men also have some sort of formula or qualities that they would want in a woman. And as much as these vary, there are some common ones that cut across.

The first is looks or form. Whatever a man finds pleasing to the eye, he wants to possess. Some see beauty in facial fairness, color, body shape or natural endowments like breasts and “Bootay”. In whatever form it comes what they experience here is some form of sexual attraction. And interestingly it’s the base of any attraction they may have to a Woman.

Next, in Uganda or dare I say Africa, there are some things that are expected of Women especially in the area of home making which sadly has been defined or restricted to breeding and kitchen duties. Aspects like home chores go without saying.

The sad part about not just an African but global definition of Women is being sex objects to relieve men of their sexual desires. I have seen men hit the road after hitting that so many times that women are also beginning to adopt it since two can play the game. She also uses you while you think you are using her. Away from how sex is used or misused men partly define women by the quality of sex they have, (Feel free to dispute in the comments) I have seen Men move from one lady to another just because of sex.

Even though it’s hard to believe, Men are very much attracted to intelligence in a woman. It’s so strong that in the right proportions, it would outweigh very many other qualities if a man had to choose between. It’s also from this intelligence that a Woman’s value system is built and Men secretly admire that so much that after playing around, this is the kind of Woman they would want to take home to meet their Mama.

In the crude words of one of the individuals I was interacting with on the subject, Men define Women in a few words “A good Woman is a Chef in the Kitchen, a Lady in the living room and a bitch in bed” do you agree with this? Is this how Men should define Women? If not, how should a real Man define a Woman?

Image: RHPhotoarts

3 thoughts on “#BeingaMan 004: HOW DO MEN DEFINE A WOMAN IN UGANDA?

  1. Haha..well put. This kinda generalizes us although we all differ tastes and how we work it all out to get the one. I would juggle looks, intellect, character and then filter the rest. Not all men are the same, like the ladies always presume..

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