#BeingaMan 003: How do Women define a MAN in Uganda?

In Uganda, the way women define a man is interesting to observe. Many women, after watching Hollywood movies and Spanish telenovelas make up superficial constructs of what a man should be. They then demand these qualities of possible suitors short of which they wouldn’t qualify to be men. “You can’t even give me money for my hair, what kind of man are you?” some men have heard that over and over again.

Women divide the qualities they want in a man in a few categories. The first is Form; how they look and what they portray. The second is Function; More of a role as providers, protectors and lately, more than provision, they also look at material things. A car, a house and a lavish lifestyle. It’s so bad that some women don’t care how they are treated as long as they can be given everything they want. They don’t mind being the “Side Dish” “after all he gives me all I want”

To some, he must be handsome, tall and dark with this and that – the list is endless. Others see men as security (Emotional, financial, material etc) while to others, a man must be assertive, bold, strong and confident. So an introverted or quiet male who avoids confrontation isn’t a man.

Before I forget, there is this thing ladies like but can’t define “He must be God fearing” they themselves don’t fear God but they want God fearing men (Shaking my head). Then there is the usual loving caring, understanding which I believe shouldn’t be boxed because not all men can express all that the same way.

Now not all women think like this but we can all agree that this is generally true. Is this how women should define a man? Is a man defined by how he looks and what he can do for you? What makes a man? (THAT IS THE QUESTION I AM TRYING TO ANSWER)

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3 thoughts on “#BeingaMan 003: How do Women define a MAN in Uganda?

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