Maurice Kirya releases the “Never Been Loved” official Video

Never been loved is single off his brand new album “Mwooyo” released on the 26th February 2015 at the Sound Cup cafe. The video directed by Enos Olik takes a new turn with a forest setting and a vintage car for which Maurice is known to love.

It starts with beautiful cut aways and then a lady in red appears who for some reason seems to be in Maurice’s dreams. He begins to follow her as he sings to her. He assures her of how he will make her feel like she has never been loved before.
Beautiful ladies clad in white attire like angels appear. There is a scene (I predict to become famous) where Maurice is sandwiched between beautiful white angels 🙂

He finally meets the girl in his dreams but when he actually wakes up, he is not in a beautiful red vintage car but on the forest cover taking a nap and the beautiful girl and the angels are also no where to be seen.

I personally love that the video has a story to start with and also that women are portrayed not as booty shaking machines but clad in beautiful yet still sexy clothing. This is a beautiful song with a lovely Video. Congratulations to Maurice on he breath taking  Mwooyo album.


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