Maurice Kirya releases “Never been Loved” a new single off his upcoming album Mwooyo

The magic never ends with Maurice Kirya. Social media has been awash with updates of his soon to be released album “Mwooyo” causing lot’s of anticipation. This is probably one of the most anticipated Ugandan albums in 2015. The album will be released on the 26th February at his cafe The Sound Cup where there will be a listening party and an album signing. Fans will be able to obtain the album for only Ugx 30,000 and as is the norm, the album will be available on iTunes and Amazon for all his international fans. To give his fans a little taste of what is to come, Maurice Kirya released the song “Never been Loved” on his Soundcloud page called

The acoustic melody is the Maurice Kirya we have always known. From the vocals, composition, production to the writing. You can listen to the song so that you judge for yourself.

Image: Astrid Dill


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