Genesis makes 10 months and the things God has done for us

On this day 10 months ago, God blessed Jenny and I with baby Genesis. I remember how scared I was to be a father. I also remember how some people (Who I hold in high regard) condemned me for having a child out of wedlock. They said I was setting the wrong example. A few months earlier, I had quit my job. Under complicated circumstances at the time, Jenny was given maternity leave without pay. We had some savings in the bank to take us for not so long a while. I was scared like crazy. What were we going to do? how would we survive?

But the moment I held her in my arms, at that moment, everything fell in place. Everything was in perspective. All my fears vanished. Let me explain something.
A few months before Genesis was born, I saw her in a dream. I saw her face. I knew what she would look like but unfortunately I couldn’t draw what I had seen or explain it to some who could (Sounds strange… I know). So when she was born it was like Deja-Vu. While I was scared, I prayed to God and asked him to strengthen my faith and his answer to me was that dream. In the dream He told me that it will all be fine and that I need not worry. He will take care of everything.

10 months later, I have 3 startups (that even though not yet profitable are) on a crazy growth trajectory, I go to school studying what I love – CIM, I have a gorgeous daughter and an insanely hot girlfriend whom I love so much not to mention she really makes me happy. I also have the most awesome friends and family. I pay all my bills and even with no stable income yet, we often have more than we need.
(Ordinarily I wouldn’t share this on social media but I know that someone out there needs to hear it so they can have faith like I am having faith) Trust God! He will move mountains for you. (That’s what God told me to tell you)

One thought on “Genesis makes 10 months and the things God has done for us

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