I have been asking myself why I blog and here are a few reasons.

I was blessed to be among the few bloggers around the world that got an opportunity to be trained by Jeff Goins a very successful blogger. For me, this was like an early Christmas present. I heavily contribute to the content on Dignited and this blog. I am also part of the team that came up with Storipot – a place where you will find all Ugandan blogs in one place. In the course, we have been challenged to define/answer the question Why we blog.

Blogging is a big deal for me. I actually believe that every person should/must have a blog to be able to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Before I derail and dive into how passionate I am about blogging, let me attempt to answer the question Why I blog.

When I think about why I blog, my mind first goes to when I first opened a blog. This was in 2009. It was on Google’s blogger with the domain onyaitodeke.blogspot.com. At the time, I was very active with political commentating and poetry too. That is what made the most of my blog posts. I later got into inspiration/motivation and productivity writing. When I got to know WordPress, I closed it and started a WordPress blog instead. Since then, I have faced a lot issues in an attempt to blog successfully and meaningfully. After many attempts to fly, I still haven’t given up blogging.

Why do I write? Blogging isn’t about setting up a blog. That is the easy part. Without defining why you blog – purpose, you will end up setting a blog that becomes a ghost town just like I did many times. I opened so many blogs that I couldn’t even maintain and later closed them. With time, I began to learn a little more about blogging and became a little more purposeful. Jeff Goins the course creator and instructor states that without being intentional, without committing to a cause, story or purpose, we shall be among the many blogs that no one knows about. Of course not every blog is supposed to be popular but lets face it, each time you push that publish button, you somehow hope that the whole world gets to read your blog post.

He cites 4 major reasons to blog;

  • There’s a conversation happening online that you want to be a part of.
  • You have a voice. And you need to share it.
  • Blogging will help you understand yourself.
  • It’s a great way to stay in touch with people you care about.

I agree with all the above reasons and in addition, here is why I blog.

  1. I want to change the world

    Even though I still don’t know how, I want to change the world. But how can you change the world as a single individual? the world is so big with over 7 billion people and even if we could teleport, it would be hard to be in all places at the same time. With technology like blogs, YouTube and social media, it’s possible. I still don’t know how I am going to change the world but at least I know I want to :). With my mind, my words and actions, I believe I can bless humanity.

  2. I want to leave a legacy

    When I was young, I used to think that If I worked hard and made a lot of money, then people will remember even after I die. unfortunately a legacy is more than that. There are many people who have more money than I may ever touch in this world yet I don’t know them nor does the world remember them. So the being wealthy want an option. When I grew up, I realized that part of my legacy will be the knowledge and wisdom that I leave behind to bless humanity. Imagine Aristotle, If he hadn’t written, no one would have remembered him or his contribution but we still remember him because he codified his thoughts and works.

  3. I want to BLESS somebody out there

    I have read a lot of amazing stuff online that people took time to carefully craft. If something I write can touch someone’s life out there or make life easier for someone, then I will know I have lived that day to the full.

  4. If I can make money doing what I love to do, I would be very happy too

Image: Diary of a busy Mum 


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