Video: Naava Grey releases “Soka Lami” her new hit single and video

It’s been a while since I was excited about a video like I am excited about this one. We may agree or disagree but one thing stands out of all this. Naava is shooting for the stars and she won’t settle for anything less. It’s that Mantra of never settling that I appreciate the most about Naava. Her style isn’t normally one that puts food on the table immediately but it definitely pays off in the long run.

In the music industry, going mainstream and doing things like everyone else is easier. All you have to do is work on a hit song and you are in. We have seen the likes of Maurice Kirya stick to their guns even when what they were doing wasn’t so popular then. After a while, he has established his style and it’s one that people are willing to pay any amount for his concert.

In Soka Lami (which means my Lover in Zulu) Naava features “Speedy” who adds a good interruption to Naava’s silky voice. She swings between Zulu, English and Luganda for the chorus and verses creating a beautiful and capturing melody. Soka Lami is the kind of song that could go continental or even global.

The composition and production of Soka Lami are amazing. The background vocals are on point. This for sure will be Naava’s turning point al other factors constant. When it comes to the Video, I looked at the make up, wardrobe, scenes, lighting and story board. As much there is always room for improvement, she got most of these on point. This is Naava’s first single under a new partnership deal she scored with Rockstar 4000 a global music label, The Fame Company and FlyCorp Uganda. We hope that this partnership helps propel her to greater heights in her career. We shall be following.

What do you think about her latest single? do you like it as much as I do?



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