Fast foward, I am old and full of years and God blessed me with lots of kids from Genesis to Revelation


So today I was moving around town doing a couple of errands and I wound up at the Sound Cup in the evening. I meet Maurice Kirya and we begin to chat. He asked how I am and then asked how my family was doing. As the conversation went on he asked about Genesis (My Daughter) and he quickly whipped up a joke.

What if you kept the naming trend, what would happen?
Thoughts began to quickly flow… so after Genesis, there would be Exodus and then Leviticus and before you know it, we would have lamentations then Mathew and later 1st John then in our old age we would seal it all with Revelation.
So when Maurice visited us in the future, I would be like; “The Kids are fine. You know Habakuk wants to be like you… but you see lamentations there doesn’t care about all that stuff. He’s a very serious chap. Always cracking some code on his computer.

How is Songs of Solomon? (He would ask) I would laugh hilariously and say ” Your would expect that Songs of Solomon is a musician with a good Voice but the boy has the voice of a frog not to mention Proverbs. You would think he would be oozing with wisdom but he is the funniest of them all – He cracks up everybody

My daughters Ruth and Esther are my pride. So beautiful and intelligent. I am a blessed man. All this wealth and the Lord’s blessings all these years. I am glad we made the right decisions back then in our times (Mu mulembe gwa Kirya)


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