From Lawyer To Advocate: Crossing the dreaded bridge called the LDC

From Coast to coast the bar is dreaded. It’s possible that you may  finish Law school  successfully and probably even graduate with an upper but the bar is a different story. The bright fail it, the so called “Weak” pass it and altogether its hard to understand. As though that’s not complicated enough the Ugandan bar takes it to another level where the passing seems to be the exception to the general rule of failure. It definitely seems like the system was designed to fail and not help students pass. But that said, the bar remains the bar and its feared globally.

About a year ago my friend graduated from the dreaded LDC (Law Development Centre). It’s now that I take this opportunity to congratulate my brother and friend Iduwat Ochom on overcoming the odds and passing the Ugandan bar. This is what separates a lawyer from an advocate. Its unfortunate that the current government has turned many credible lawyers into breakers rather keepers of the law but with the likes of Ochom in the game, I have hope in a future that my Children would also love.


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