Naming Genesis


Names are important and when we name our children, we consider a couple of things. In Uganda, many names are given circumstantially for-instance Onyait was given to me because I was born during the great harvest of a staple crop/food common in the Eastern plains of Uganda – Millet.

If a child birth was problematic, it would reflect in the child’s name. Similarly if the father of the child was away on a journey, a child would be called “Komuhanda” in the western dialect. If a child was born after multiple attempts to conceive, it would also reflect in how the child was named.

Many think I just thought up of a fancy name to give my child but the truth is that I had these names about 8 or more years ago. At first I thought of Egypt but I later dropped it. So I decided on GENESIS PULCHER PALMER ODEKE

GENESIS – Of Greek origin, Genesis the first book of the bible speaks of Origins, or beginnings. Just when I think this is it; I cant go any further – I am too far gone, God gives me a fresh start. A new beginning – a Blank slate hence GENESIS.

PULCHER – pronounced Pul-Keya From the root word “Pulchritude” Pulcher is Latin for Beautiful/Fair. This is a beautiful thing the Lord had done not to mention that the baby is as beautiful as the mother.

PALMER – Born on Palm Sunday, A special time for Christians celebrating the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem. Its a few days till Jesus dies to save us. So  her Aunties and Uncles named her Palmer – A pilgrim who has returned from the Holy Land with a leaf as a sign of having undertaken the pilgrimage.

ODEKE – “Edeke” in Ateso means God and “L’Odeke” is loosely translated of God. Its a family name that grounds us in the belief that we are of God and without him we are nothing.



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