Thanking God For The “Little Things”

Its been a few months since I resigned my job. In those few months I have been humbled by so many things .

There are many things that come with leaving your job like brokenness for example. After your savings are depleted, you begin to see the bills piling and needs growing but unfortunately you don’t have the money to cater to those needs anymore. Things get hard, you no longer have access to the things you had before. You don’t have the freedom to drop in for a Pizza as and when you want to. So you find yourself choosing between Pizza and a couple of meals

One of the things about leaving your job, is you get time to reflect on your life. If done well, it can help you move forward with a little bit more focus which is necessary for all individuals. Being able to step back and look at things with an uncrowded mind helps you begin to appreciate the little things that you often take for granted

Waking Up in the Morning
Every day that you wake up, know that that day is a gift. Its a fresh start, a blank start for you to go be awesome at all you do because that’s what God intended for you to be – Awesome.

When we are healthy, we often take it for granted and call upon the lord only when we are ill. There are many ways to be thankful for health especially in the way you treat yourself. Watching what you eat, Exercising regularly (by this, I don’t mean on a large scale – I mean just enough to keep you healthy) and  lastly check up regularly for any signs of possible issues. When you are in good health, thank God for it.

Family and Friends
In the good and the bad times, there are people that are with you all the way and without whom life doesn’t make much sense. Take time to appreciate these people. Give them a call to tell them you think about them and also to know how they are. Remember their birthday. Do whatever it takes to appreciate the people in your life. They are God’s angels to you.

Many times we look out for what we don’t have instead of appreciating what you have. Overtime, I have realized that there is so much we can live without and the things we think we cant live without are our own mental constructs. Its okay to have and enjoy (material) things. The difference is that to whom much is given much is expected. When God blesses you, be a good steward of what he has entrusted you with.

So whatever it is, learn to be thankful, learn to appreciate and enjoy the little things. An attitude of gratitude can help you simplify and enjoy your life.



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