On choosing FOCUS and living with PURPOSE

“Heeeeey! how are yooooou? Loooong tiiiiiiiime! OMG! where are you nooooow? Me I am with Ministry of Internal Affairs. Ehhh! banange we should hook up over coffee and catch up” – these are the kinds of conversation I normally have with “friends” I have not met in a long time and I still have no conventional answer to the question “Where are You now?

The past couple of years have been about doing everything. I did so many things so that if there was any such thing as a certified jack of all trades, I would definitely qualify.

That was the phase I like to call the exploration phase. I could do one thing and when I was done doing it, I would realize that its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I would then jump right onto the next thing. For the past couple of years, I have been jumping from one thing to another and after it all, I not only know what I want, I have made a commitment to Focus on what I want and also to live a life of Purpose

The Journey to this point has been a very rewarding and adventurous one. Living each day not really sure what would come next. I didn’t really care about so many things like money or fame; all I really wanted was to find my way and I am glad I have.

On Purpose:
Even before Rick Warren wrote his global best seller “Purpose Driven Life”,  I often asked myself from a very tender age what my purpose in life was?

The question of purpose goes to the root of our existence – questioning why we are  alive and what were we born to do? This I believe was the hardest part for me; finding purpose in Life. I tried so many things but still didn’t feel like they were what I was meant to do. The difficulty I found in the journey to finding purpose was that regardless of how noble whatever I was doing was, if it didn’t intersect with reality to cause real life impact, then it was useless. Secondly was that if it had no prospects of economic gain necessary for me to survive or thrive, it also wasn’t helpful. After many many years, even though I still cant speak with absolute certainty, I can boldly say that If I can succeed at being a good husband and father, a brother and friend and also a good citizen I would have lived a life of purpose.

On Life:
After all the exploration, I asked myself some fundamental questions

What am I good at, that I love to do, can become the best in the world at and can also earn from?

I found out that I was actually good at a couple of things:

1. Marketing
Selling ideas and sometimes executing them. I also noticed that this ability wasn’t new and had been with me all along – I realized that Marketing is Me. Marketing is what I want to do for the rest of my life as a career.  So I enrolled for a professional marketing course (CIM) for which I am almost done with the certificate level and still have a long way to go but at least I have started.

2. Photography
I also noticed that I loved snapping away and after over 7 years as a hobbyist, I decided to become an amateur photographer. Even with a not so active photo blog, I have been fairly active and have exponentially grown since then. I have some clients to my name and even an award. I now do photography as a business (www.oldtomslens.wordpress.com) and I hope to establish and grow it.

3. Entrepreneurship
I co-founded a digital media company (www.dignited.com) that I am working on like crazy. I am believing God that it will grow and make lots of money someday. I am also making baby steps in farming and agriculture

The road that I have taken is a tough one. I don’t know what the future holds but I am trusting He who holds the future. I have learnt to make peace with uncertainty, to have faith even in what my head cant perceive but my heart does. I am Daring To Dream and I hope that some day I will inspire multitudes of people to follow their hearts and be the best they can be.


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