The Lessons Of 2013

  1. Learn To Trust In God And In People

People are people, they will always let you down yet ironically its very exhausting to live without trust. Two things; apply wisdom and discretion but most importantly trust God to bring the right people in your life. Sometimes the wrong people are the right people because they come teach you how to appreciate the right people when they come

  1. Be Yourself

This is probably one of the most difficult things to do in life and for very many reasons. First of all African parenting doesn’t encourage individuality. This guarantees a crisis at point X in ones life. The good thing about it is that if dealt with well, it can be the best thing to happen to you – “Self Discovery”. Secondly, Society has been spending a lot time teaching us what it thinks we should be, unfortunately we cant all be the same. thirdly sometimes being you stinks and that is a sign that you need to work on you a little bit and get yourself together. We need to embrace and celebrate diversity not shun it. Its a very difficult job to be someone else, but very rewarding to be yourself. Don’t be a copy cat when you can be original. Vulnerable can actually be STRENGTH

  1. Sometimes Failure Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You. Never Give Up

Fear in and of itself is paralyzing and now the fear of failure is one of the most paralyzing of them all. We all fear failure but love success but there’s no success without failure because success is just failure turned inside out. Its also hard to appreciate and manage success if you don’t know what it means to fail. So if you have failed many times, DO NOT GIVE UP you are the best candidate for success.

  1. Talent Isn’t Enough

I used to think that the talents I have were all I needed. I later realized that talent alone isn’t enough. There is so much more to success than just talent

  1. The Need For Discipline

I have learnt over the years,that there’s no success in life without discipline. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, without discipline, its not possible to succeed. You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time. The wealthiest of men who obtained and retained wealth created and exercised a set of habits that help them stay successful and also enjoy their wealth.

  1. Know What You Want In Life

I have also learnt that If you “Find what you are good at and do it like there’s nothing else to do” the rest normally falls in place.

When you find what you are good at and can be the best in the world at it, and  that thing that you are good at can also make you money,  Draw a road map/Plan on how to get there and stick to it. You cannot get to where you want to go if you have no plan, You cannot build a house with no house plan so make a plan. After you are done with planning, Get Cracking – Dreams don’t achieve themselves.

       7.  It All Comes Down To Legacy

Life can be a waste of time unless you have 2 things, Purpose and Legacy. Life is meaningless if you have no purpose. Find it. It might take some time but please do find it.
After you have purpose, its likely that you will leave a legacy. Imagine that you achieve so much material success but after you die, the world moves on like you didn’t exist. Its only the things that you do for other people other than yourself that outlive you. take some time to do some selfless things for people.

  1. Acquire Wisdom and Understanding

Life is full of decisions, we make them everyday. its said that we are a sum total of all our decisions. There are simple decisions like what to wear or what to eat (Some people don’t even have a choice on some of these issues) and then the complex decisions where you are not sure about what to do. This is when you need wisdom to make the right decisions. In life you also need understanding. You cannot master what you don’t understand so seek to understand yourself and whatever it is you want to master.

  1. There Is No Life Without Relationships; Watch, Build & Nurture Them

There is no life without relationships, all success in the world is about relationships. You may want to start with relating with yourself and you will be better at relating with others. Don’t take things personal, people move on, and when they do, move on too. Its most likely they weren’t supposed to be in your life for long. Most importantly watch and pray for divine hook ups; they never leave you the same kind of like a Jonathan and David experience

  1. Time Is All You Have Use It Wisely

We all have 24 hours in a day yet some people are more productive than others. I have realized that I have a default disposition to waste time yet its all I have. I have learned to value my time which increases my physical worth and helps me achieve my purpose in life faster.

  1. Deal With Fear/Dare To Dream

Fear keeps us from being who are meant to be and yet to some extent it can also motivate us. Some people are rich because they fear to be poor (I personally don’t think that is a good motivation) but I am learning to be BRAVE.BOLD.COURAGEOUS and DARING TO DREAM
When we live in fear we are bound to regret. So that thing you have been fearing, attack it head on God is with you. The worst that can happen is you will fail and when you do, you will learn

    12. Life Is Short Have Fun

I have many times been trapped in this frenzy of trying to be what the world wants you to be. For example when you get out of university, there’s this rat race to financial freedom. Buy a car, Build a House, get married bla bla bla – My dreams are bigger than that. What this race does is get you so busy chasing things that don’t matter. Whatever you are pursuing in life, remember to have fun with it.



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