Daring to Dream

Many may have seen me post on Social Media about daring to dream and not exactly knowing what I meant or where this was going but for many years  now I have been toying with the idea that its possible to live a life that is just productive and orderly. So I unsuccessfully attempted to develop a lifestyle that could help me achieve just that. and after so many failed attempts, it doesn’t matter anymore because I am never going to be ready enough to dive into this. I just got to do it. 

Most if not all of us have dreams of what we want to do or be but are  constantly bombarded with all this doubt of whether what we are trying to do is possible or easy and after that we are caught in the “Busy” net where we get so busy doing nothing in particular and years go by but you have nothing to show for it. This was me for a while until I figured out what I wanted to do. Right now all i wanted to write has just flown out of my head but over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you all my journey on Daring to dream. I dont  know where this will lead but I am in 🙂 

Lets Ride


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