You only get one MUM but I got TWO


Have you  heard the saying… “You only Get One Mother”? True as it may be, I got two mums. Oh yeah I did. Let me tell you how.
I met my first mum back in the 80’s at St. Anthony Hospital on the slopes of Tororo Rock when I was born. I then met my 2nd mum later when I was at University. These two ladies changed my life profoundly and here is how.

I don’t know about yours, but I can tell you about mine and it’s the story of many African mums across the Continent. Widowed when I was ten, my mother sacrificed everything so that I get to be something. Raising a stubborn and peculiar child like me with 9 of my other siblings was a full time job and she didn’t need any other employment. And yeah! Like the story goes, we had some difficult times growing up that kind of messed me up – the kind that break the spirit of a child; yeah that that kind.  But my mother… she always told me “I didn’t raise a fool” you can imagine how that sounds in my native language it goes something like….  But that didn’t stop her from giving me the best life possible.

“You are smart but you have to believe in yourself even when people don’t believe in you” she said.  And that, coming from an unconventional and resilient woman who grew cotton and single handedly paid for her education right to junior high in the 60’s, when Girl Child Education was a myth, I was good to go.  She believed in me like was the cure to world hunger or some genetic miracle, and that, that right there drove me to do things I never thought I would ever do.

When I began to believe in myself I began to discover who I am and to exploit the depth of my abilities and potential.  In my adolescent years, we got separated circumstantially. And growing up, I had to figure out lots of things by myself but the wisdom from both my mum and my Dad helped me. Now this is where my second mother comes in.

While at university, confused and naïve, she gave me a sense of direction. She accepted and loved me like her own son. That began to heal the disconnect within me making me whole. She helped me find the Confidence and Esteem necessary for Happiness, she taught me that I can never have all the answers to life’s questions and that I can never do everything, she helped me figure things out and find my purpose.  Right Now, there are three things on my mind. Loving God, Loving me and Loving People

The two lessons I learnt from my Mums is One: “Find God & Find yourself the rest normally falls in place” and Two: Learn to believe in people for the things they cant do are few if only you believe in them.

These two women sent from Heaven, changed my life and I am thankful to God for Mothers. Now, I don’t know what the future holds but these two beautiful ladies just might have raised Africa’s Redemption. Well I guess only time can tell. Let’s just wait and see


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