Bright Eyes


Bright eyes glow in the dark
With a beauty indescribable
In human vocabulary

Bright eyes stare at me with
Possibilities unlimited
Abilities unexploited

Bright eyes gaze
With so much pain so intense
That I could feel it a mile away

Bright eyes glare
With tears of sorrow
A sight sadly unforgettable

Bright eyes gape
With a hope of redemption
I wish I could take away the pain
I wish I could stop the tears

Bright eyes I say to you
All that has a beginning has end
And this too shall pass

All you need to do is BELIEVE
And never lose HOPE
For that, is all you need to cope

All she needs is a LOVE she once knew
A love so TRUE and uncorrupted
And If only you knew how to love her
And if only she would accept your love
She would learn to return…
A love so divine like none you have seen before
One you may never see ever again

Bright Eyes…


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