Childhood Innocence


I miss the days when I was a child
I miss Childhood innocence – I really do
It was all round innocence – moral, social, cultural, economic, political, religious and whatever else you want to add to the list. Growing up, many things have changed and Life is not as it used to be

I mean… as a baby, you would pee on your mama and she would go like “ohhhhhh you have peed on me you sweet little thing” as she claims her blessings as was the belief that it was a blessing for a baby to pee on you. Unfortunately now, as an adult, trying that would be not only absurd and gross but may earn you a thorough beating.

Back in the day, I and my 5 year old girlfriend would have random sleep overs at each other’s homes. We would get lost in slumber land and wake up in each other’s arms with smiles and blank minds. Now that I am of age, in this age, I am no longer sure about random sleep overs anymore let alone with whom. We just may end up breaking hearts, making babies or worst still catching STI’s

We didn’t have to worry about dating or money then, a few shillings would have us a good date on the roof top of our flat – we would buy some sweets, pancakes and samosas plus “Musiba Tayi” translated “tie knotter” or “the one who knots the tie” It was her favorite (It was some crunchy snack made from the residue of samosa ingredients) all for about 10 or 15 shillings. The same right now is so much more than it used to be. So now I worry about a date; with whom, where and how much it may cost.

Back in the day, love wasn’t so complicated. For example, when I was 5, I asked a girl out and it was that simple. I looked at her and I liked what I saw so I asked her out. “I like you” I said; will you be my girlfriend? She took a good look at me, sized me up and said “You are not the best but you aren’t so bad yourself so let’s give this a shot” We were together till our parents did us part. They decided that it was time to move away from the flats.
But right now, even rocket science is easier to fathom than love, Americans have found cures for the most complicated of diseases and have made breakthrough technological advancements in the multiple fields but after all, there is no cure for infidelity. Neither is there a solution for love issues. True love, faithfulness, companionship are commodities more scarce than coltan

Back in the day, violent protests, demonstrations or the brutal quelling of them was not a common scene. They were not necessary. Not everything was perfect but we had the basics and the minimums plus an enormous potential for growth and development.

Roads had no potholes, hospitals had doctors and medicine and access to healthcare was a lot easier. We could still define meaningful education and Life was more affordable. We had and treasured our sense of Identity, We knew who we were, we were more secure as individuals, we had a conscience and above all, we feared and respected God. But now, it looks like we have lost it all

Because, today, our potholes have some roads; drugs are visitors in our hospitals, Education is a regurgitation of facts and not a building of the mind.

Life was more affordable then when a good meal was not for the rich only but a basic human right. Rights are no longer rights they are privileges.
We are so westernized – we don’t know who we are any more. Cultures and traditions that made our history, ancestry and heritage are now embarrassing,

We don’t know where our taxes go or what they do. They seem to go to state coffers which happen to be the pockets of select individuals and not to the benefit of the populace as seems the norm – corruption.
People are so insecure and have lost all shame and conscience; what used to be abominable is now acceptable – God has no place in our lives anymore…

“Oh Uganda may God uphold the; we lay our future in thine hand”


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