Building a Winning Routine (part 1) The Basics:

I thought I would do this in a week but truthfully,I have spent the past 8weeks trying out and testing the theory. Finding out what works and what doesn’t so that as I write to you right now, I am writing of things I know and have tested and not regurgitating a bunch of things I read about from some self-help book on or World Wide Web. I now share with you my findings.

Every morning you wake up, know that today is all you have. You are not guaranteed tomorrow so if you don’t do your best today, you can’t do any better tomorrow because your future is today not tomorrow; If you succeed at doing all you need to do today, you pave the way for tomorrow’s success

I have learned that LIFE is one big choice and in the process of life, we make choices and routine is one of them. Routine is what we do every day (consciously or otherwise) whether spontaneously or by design. Success or failure is just the cumulative results of our routine. Routine therefore becomes what we do say or think daily.

A winning routine is a winning lifestyle; it’s a life that is orderly, dynamic and productive yet happy, fun, enjoyable, interesting, fulfilling and satisfying. A life where we wake up anticipating each day because we know it’s a day that the Lord has made. Yes some of you are shocked and I repeata day that the Lord has Made.

A winning routine/lifestyle is all encompassing. It’s multi-dimensional. It’s Physical, spiritual, social and economic and whatever else you want to add (just so you can understand). It affects all the sectors/faculties of one’s life.

Let us begin with the basics. The beginning of success is to enjoy the journey/process and that means enjoying everyday life and I mean every single day. One way to enjoy every day is to know that there are things you are going to have to do every day and they may be fun at first but after a while, they get boring after doing them over and over again. That is where creativity comes in. find, create, discover and innovate new ways of doing the same thing. Faster, easier more convenient ways of doing whatever it is that you do and when you out do yourself, it’s probably time to move on to something else (except the things that you don’t move away from these like family and friends for example)

Many of us either have a job or are in school and this means working or studying occupies most of our time. Being in the same position, I realized that just like many of us, my job takes 10 hours or more of my days leaving me with 14 of which 6 are for sleep and rest. I am then left with 7 hours to divide between family, friends, hobbies, interests and society.

It would leave me depressed if I spent all those hours each day  yet I didn’t enjoy them anyway. I resolved that I would enjoy every single minute of my day and after a few weeks, some days are good, some bad but I welcome them all – that is life and I love it. (Next time I shall look at enjoying our occupation)


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