RE – Thinking Ugandan Priorities

Amidst jubilation of the of those who want to maintain the status quo, and the complaints and dissatisfaction of those who disagree with the Ugandan Political process, I am engrossed in thought and my mind keeps going in circles around a bottomless pit of arguments of why there should be change.

After careful thought and in line with the trend of events I realize that unseating the incumbent is not the biggest of our problems and should not be our priority. Unseating the incumbent is another RED herring that the current government is using to distract us from what is actually happening.  What we should be focusing on is building structures upon which our county shall be governed – a Foundation upon which we shall REbuild the Pearl of AFRICA – a critical mass of leaders capable of uniting the masses against manipulation and patronage. After massive bribery of the electorate, Intimidation and disenfranchisement of voters, ballot stuffing among others one would be surprised if the incumbent didn’t win.

People are losing faith in the electoral process and the power of Universal Adult suffrage has been undermined

All this notwithstanding, I call upon Ugandans not to give up hope. The acts of the NRM are  tactful but soon, in trying to stay ahead of their game; they are going to get entangled in their own system of manipulation and patronage. They have a created a time bomb that is already ticking. This is seen in a huge urban population of disgruntled semi- educated and unemployed youth, lots of promises unfulfilled and the visible economic, social, political inequalities and oppression of the people. The time may not be right for an “Egyptian style” revolution but sooner than later, we shall have something better if only we plan well and act swiftly and smartly – History has taught us many lessons unfortunately the current government seems to have learnt none.

Museveni may be smart enough to stay for 25 or let’s say 30 years in power but let beware of overstating his intelligence – I hope he is also smart enough to know that he cannot fight change and that this is his last chance to redeem himself and leave a legacy or at least learn from History

I call upon the opposition to join us in building a vibrant civil society, to embrace positive and progressive opposition. A kind of opposition that is policy based and not individualistic; an opposition that gives practical policy suggestions/alternatives to the current issues facing the country and not one pre-occupied with unseating the incumbent

Why don’t we as youth and the people of Uganda focus on UNITY as a people, building a VIBRANT CIVIL SOCIETY and grooming FUTURE LEADERS. Disunited people are easily controlled; a weak civil society cannot demand accountability from its leaders and a people and nation with no leaders are a blind and lost people.

Let’s rethink our priorities Uganda – let us THINK



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