It’s amazing how we all have 24 hours in a day. No more no less yet, we all have different results in Life. What’s the secret? Many people think success is a destination. What do you think? I used to think the same until I got enlightened. Success is not a destination it’s a journey – a journey with no end. Whatever you define success to be, it’s never a destination it’s a journey a process

I am not going to delve deep into what success is or isn’t. I am going to focus on one of its secrets – ROUTINE; and how to unlock it. Life as we know it isn’t a result of all the big things we have done – but the small things put together to make LIFE what it is. There are people who tell themselves if only I could get this… or that… then I would be successful and even after they get it, they realize it’s not all there is. Success is not this major big break and boom I am successful.

Let me use the analogy of building a house. While building a house, you don’t see its beauty till it’s complete; but the builders diligently and skillfully lay each brick with a mental picture of what they want when they finish the work.  Even a single mistake in the construction process may necessitate bringing down the whole wall and doing it all over again. The lesson here is that we cannot neglect the process – It’s the most important; every single brick is as important as any other and it must be laid well.

Do not expect to be successful in one day or say to yourself one day I will be successful. Success isn’t a “one day” thing it’s a now thing – You can’t be successful tomorrow if you were not successful today (the process) the success of today is the brick in building future success.  Days come and go so fast and before we know it, the year has ended; Success is a result of what we do each day. When you do today what you are supposed to do today, it’s a brick well laid; and all those bricks well laid complete the house – success.


Routine now comes in when laying the bricks – you have to lay the right bricks that will help you build the success you want. To lay the right bricks, you have to know the kind of house you want to build (have a plan) you can’t know the bricks you need if you don’t know the kind house you want to build. Do you know the kind of house you want? Is it a bungalow? A semi – detached? Or is it a flat? Know what you want.

It also good to enjoy the process of laying each brick (Building an interesting and fun routine) it’s possible to complain about everything in the process and it’s also possible to completely enjoy the whole process. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your station of life is, in the process of life, (laying bricks) it can get really boring sometimes. However, regardless of what is happening, we can all enjoy life (the process) – it depends on the mindsets and attitudes we choose to adopt.

To sum it all up,

1.) We need to have a plan – what’s your plan?

2.) Know how much it will cost you to build your house

3.) Break the total work into small and manageable tasks that are fun and enjoyable (Some things may not be fun and we may require disciple ne to do them just because they are the right thing to do and not because they are fun) Enjoy the process. Have fun doing it

4.) Go on and do your tasks/routine diligently and consistently and when it gets boring, innovate better ways to do the same thing.

5.) Evaluate your progress just to make sure you are still on track and have not been derailed

Remember – success is not a destination; it’s a journey. It’s better if you start the journey today not tomorrow or yesterday but today. For sooner than later you may wish you started today.

I hope you have been inspired. Next week I will share with you how we can build a winning routine.


Keep it Deep!


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