Exercising an Open Mind

Are you open or closed minded? Are you enjoying your life? Life can be very interesting when one is open minded and there are several ways of practicing open mindedness.
I noticed that Life is made up of routine – things we kind of have to do every day depending on what we do. Regardless, we all sleep, wake up, and eat, talk, laugh and cry hope, love, think and work plus whatever else we do individually.

We do many things because we must, we hardly do what we should do and yet many things we should do are vital to our wellbeing for instance practicing healthy lifestyle – eating healthy, exercising and doing routine medical checkups.

Many other times, we are trapped in a boring routine and find ourselves living a boring life. It’s amazing what a simple tweak in our routine would change in our lives making it more satisfying and fulfilling. It’s simple; with your open mind, just take a minute and think about all the things you want to do in your life. Then take another and think about the things you can do now; the things that you were hesitant to do for one reason or another.

That planned trip to the river Nile with friends, learning French or a new language, taking that driving test, writing or reading that book, trying new foods at the new restaurant in town, bungee jumping, sky diving, learning the guitar, doing that course that you should have done, chatting with a long lost friend, pursuing your writing, singing, dancing – whatever it is that you have always wanted to do but were held back by excuses, fear, disapproval or whatever it is that was holding you back. Close your eyes take a leap of faith and go ahead and do it. Start today and consistently mark your progress to see how you are doing.

Try out something new – something you don’t do every day or something you have never done before. Try new music, new art, make an effort to learn something new every day for instance about people, cultures, systems, philosophies, concepts and theories.

Task your brain to do things that stretch its ability e.g. memorize all names, numbers and important dates you know. Recite the alphabet forwards and backwards and do the same with words and numbers. Take unusual classes like basket weaving, paper folding etc. think of all the crazy things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do and then go ahead and do them.

Just because you are choosing to be open minded does not mean you should go after anything and everything. It’s always good to take things one at a time or else you will burn out before you get anywhere. It’s always good to know when you are going too far or too fast. Prioritize and make the most of every experience learning all you can from that experience before you move on to another.

In having an open mind, you are giving yourself an opportunity to live and not just exist


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